We have established ourselves as a distinguished provider of natural and engineered stone surfaces. Pinnacle Surfaces was born out of the motive to be the preferred destination for customers seeking stunning, sustainable, and high-quality stones for their beloved homes. From countertops to vanities, we have a vast array of options ranging from Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite to Marble, Soapstone, and Porcelain.

Our dedicated team goes to great lengths to ensure that only the finest materials make it into our inventory. With unwavering attention to detail, each product is individually cherry-picked and meticulously inspected for quality, color, veining, and durability. This process leads us to select only the best of the best, upholding our stringent standards.

We offer a comprehensive range of full slabs, catering to various sizes and requirements. Our selection includes three thickness options and five exquisite finishes, ensuring the perfect solution for every project.

We specialize in bespoke services, providing custom, pre-cut, and pre-fabricated slabs tailored to large-scale endeavors. With a collection of over 200 SKUs sourced from trusted suppliers, manufacturers, and quarries worldwide, we deliver unbeatable quality at competitive prices.

Whether you're embarking on a new project or revamping your kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, or outdoor areas, our collection is curated to create remarkable results. Committed to realizing the aspirations of homeowners, we strive to transform dreams into reality by providing unparalleled products and services.